Sheridan Auction House

Auction takes place on the last Tuesday of every month!
We are pleased to announce the opening of Sheridan Auction House-Owosso. For more information, please call our office at 989-720-SELL and be sure to check out the informational lots in our catalog! 

Item Drop Off:
Contact Office at 989-720-SELL

Please be sure to have a consignment form made out for your items. They will be available on line as well as at the auction site. There is a $5 per item listing fee and 20% Sellers fee.

Items dropped off the week before the sale end date will be featured on the following month sale.

Inspection Dates & Times:
Inspections welcomed Mon-Fri 9-3pm.  

Items left more than 7 days after the scheduled load out will be subject to a $5.00 per day storage fee. Items left more than 30 days after the load out will be forfeited and resold.

To consign items please call 989-720-SELL, Troy Crowe at 989-666-6339 or Eric Bannan at 989-666-0664.