MJLS Winter Classic Tent Sale

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November 12, 2018 7:00 PM Eastern


MJLS Winter Classic , MI


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We are auctioning off tent space at the Winter Beef show held in December at the MSU Livestock Pavilion. Tent area will be 20' x 40'. Please see terms and conditions for all the details!!

The proceeds of this sale will benefit the MJLS Scholarship Program.

This sale features extend one, extend all bidding.

Contact Carla at 517-242-2395 for more information.

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MJLS Winter Classic Tent Sale
Thank you for your consideration in purchasing Fitting Tent Space at the MJLS Winter Classic. Funds generated as a result of this auction will benefit the MJLS Scholarship program. Questions: Carla McLachlan at [email protected] or 517-242-2395
Please note the map is not drawn to scale but is for reference of location only. Each Fitting Tent area will be 20 x 40 feet with approximately a 10 ft area immediately surrounding the space to accommodate tent lines and weights. (Total space approximately 30 x 50 feet) Absolutely no stakes may be driven into hard surface driveways. Tents should be weighted appropriately to prevent movement in the wind.
MI Junior Livestock Society, nor Michigan State University Pavilion takes responsibility for damage to tents/equipment. It is solely the responsibility of the participants and/or families and responsible parties to arrange for putting the tents up, securing these tents, as well as removal/disposal of tents and equipment. Additionally; all trash, manure and similar refuse must be removed to the appropriate manure bunker and/or trash container.
Tents spaces are provided solely for the fitting of animals. Absolutely no stalling/tie out of animals in this area will be allowed. It is at the discretion of MJLS and/or MSU staff to enter these tents at any time, without prior warning. Refusal of admittance will result in immediate disqualification of all participants and exclusion from MJLS events. It is the expectation that all rules provided in the Winter Classic entry packet will be followed at all times. Animals are expected to enter the show ring area form the south entry… in stalling area. Walk thru and overhead doors on the north and east side of the arena will not be used.
Trucks and trailers will be allowed into this Fitting Tent area solely for the purpose of set-up and removal of tents and equipment. Absolutely no trucks/trailers/vehicles of any kind may be parked in this designated area on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Failure to follow these parking/access rules may result in the forfeiture of the deposit and all resulting consequences.
The participants/responsible parties may set up tents after 12:00 noon on Thursday, December 6. Set-up of tents should be completed by 7:00 p.m. on Thursday. All trucks/trailers and other vehicles should be removed from the tent area at this time. Vehicles may enter the tent area for removal of tents and equipment after the completion of all classes and selection of Champions on Sunday, December 10. If preferred, tents may be removed on Monday, December 10 by 3:00 p.m. Upon the completion of removal and clean-up of area, please be sure to have a release document signed by MJLS committee. Failure to secure a signed release may result if forfeiture of deposit amount.
Each tent space (8 total available) will be auctioned to the highest bidder. Minimum starting bid $100. An additional deposit fee of $300 is due at the time of purchase. Upon successful bid, it will be the bidder’s responsibility to provide the youth participants names who will be using the space, to the MJLS Show Chairperson ([email protected] or 517-242-2395). If the deposit is not paid by and/or youth participants have not been identified by the deadline, the next eligible bidder will be granted the space.
The deposit amount ($300) will be reimbursed to the participant/responsible party within 10 days of the conclusion of the show and inspection of the area. This deposit will be reimbursed only if all trash, manure, equipment and similar items have been removed to the satisfaction of the MSU Pavilion staff. Any responsible party that does not remove all equipment, trash, manure and similar debris will forfeit the $300 fee and will not be eligible to receive reserved tent space in the future.
For those who wish to remove the tent prior to the end of the show on Sunday, an approval and release form must be obtained from the MJLS Show office.

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