Rainbow Creek Farm 187A in 3 Tracts, Plus Lely Robots, Tuscola and Genesee Counties


May 12, 2020 Online bidding ends at 1pm (extend-all ending)


6251 Arbela Rd. Millington, MI 48746




Inspections: updated extended open house times to reduce crowds
Monday, May 4, 10-4pm
Tuesday, May 5, 10-4pm
Monday, May 11, 10-4pm
If you would like to hear something run please call Doug at 517-749-7976

Sale manager: Doug Sheridan

187A+/- offered in 3 tracts

Tract 1- 109A+/- & barns
Arbela Rd & Belsay Rd, Millington, MI 48746
Arbela Twp, Tuscola County
P.P.# 003-036-200-0100-00 (76A), 003-036-200-0900-00 (34A)
SEV: $332,200 (2019) + $81,700 (2019) = $413,900 (2019)
Taxable Value: $329,165 (2019) + $18,412 (2019) = $347,577 (2019)
Taxes: $6,264.83 (winter ’19); $3,263.37 (summer ’19) + $340.57 (winter ’19); $182.53 (summer ’19) = $6,605.40 (winter '19); $3,445.90 (summer '19)

Tract 2- 14A+/-
Arbela Rd, Millington, MI 48746
Arbela Twp, Tuscola County
P.P.# 003-036-200-0215-00
SEV: $32,500 (2019)
Taxable Value: $22,722 (2019)
Taxes: $420.32 (winter ’19); $225.26 (summer ’19)

Tract 4- 64A+/-
Farrand Rd & Irish Rd, Otisville, MI 48463
Forest Twp, Genesee County
P.P.# 09-08-300-014
SEV: $83,500 (2019)
Taxable Value: $75,545 (2019)
Taxes: $1,308.30 (winter ’18); $848.12 (summer ’18)

Tract 5- Lely Astronaut A3 Milking Robots
2 robots, air compressor, buffer tank, responders, collars
Software is not transferable. Buyer will need to purchase their own software license.

Tract 6- Lely Astronaut A3 Next Milking Robots
2 robots, responders, collars milk line

Tract 7- Mueller Bulk tank

We are offering 4 robots in 2 sets and the Mueller Bulk tank as separate lots in the real estate auction catalog (Tract 5 North Robots Lt and Rt hand robot, air compressor, 65 responders and 50 collars) and (Tract 6 South Robots Lt and RT hand robots, with 65 responders and 50 collars) and (Tract 7 the 4000 gal Mueller bulk tank and coolers). Meaning these robots and bulk tank may be purchased separately and removed from the building at buyers’ expense or bought in combination with tract 1 and stay in the building to be paid for in conjunction with the real estate closing. Consequently, if any of these robot or tank tracts are sold separately away from the real estate the robots and tank will be removed from the facility. Buyer will remove equipment with care and leave the footprint to the real estate buyer in a responsible condition. If the additional equipment (tracts 5, 6, or 7) is purchased with the real estate the total sale price will be used as the real estate sale price and close as a real estate transaction.

Special terms: In an effort to allow buyer early access to plant vacant acreage. At the Buyers option he/she may deposit and additional 10% down payment (a total of 20%) within 48 hours of the auction ending and seller’s acceptance of the bid price achieved. This will be earnest money and escrowed with the broker and accompanied with a signed affidavit agreement allowing the buyer to plant the vacant property prior to closing. In the event the buyer does not close he/she will forfeit all said earnest money deposit and forego any recovery of outlaid planting expenses including but not limited to, seed costs, fertilizer, fuel, equipment, and labor etc. to the seller as liquidated damages.

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